(Event+Time).Variant Operators  2.1
Operators for Timed Discrete Event Systems in Dioids
Event-variant and Time-Variant Operators (ETVO)
B.Cottenceau L.Hardouin J.Trunk (Laboratory LARIS - University of Angers - FRANCE)


This library is a set of classes to make computations on formal series used in Discrete Event Systems. These series allow us to describe the behaviour of a subclass of Petri Nets. The formal series handled with this library lie on a set of elementary operators used to describe Timed Event Graphs (TEGs), Weighted Timed Event Graphs (WTEGs) and some Timed Event Graphs with time-variant sojourn times.

ETVO library lies on a library called MinMaxGD used to describe TEGs. It can be seen also as an extension of MinMaxGD but keeps some strong similarities.

The PhD thesis of Johannes Trunk "On the Modeling and Control of Extended Timed Event Graphs in Dioids" is a relevant reference to understand the main functionalities of ETVO classes and functions.