Connected Foosball

Make your work space and events #Great again

The Project

This project has been realized during our studies at ISTIA-Engineering School for the #University of #Angers, in France. The objective is to develop an electronic setup eazily deployable on any Foosball and a web/mobile application to offer connected features and improve the game's experience.

Connected Foosball
for you

A simple set up of sensors and electronics to fix at your Foosball, and it become a brand new generation Foosball

Your Foosball Connected in few minutes

All you have to do is to place the sensors, launch the server and your application is ready to be used.


The Hardware part is realized with DIY technologies like Raspberry and Arduino


Launch a game. Join a game. Invite friends. Goals detection and real time score. Create competition. Share your best games.

#Video to
clarify ideas

It will be easier for you to discover our "T-Soc ON" App with this.

The Setup

The objective is to offer a setup eazily deployable on any Foosball. Our prototype provide a screen display and many sensors for a user interface and detect the goals in real time.

A Setup for your

Install eazily the differents components and offer many features to your foosball

Do It Yourself

All the Hardware components are DIY technologies. We use ultrasound sensors to detect goals, Arduino to process data and Raspberry to communicate with our application and display a user interface

3D Printing

We used 3D printing to create the sensor support. Thanks to that, the supports are perfectly adaptable to our foosball

User Interface

We provide a user interface with a Raspberry touchscreen


Our product may be your joy! This application offers you many features to let you enjoy your foosball games with your colleagues at work if you'r an employee or at the university for students


Create an account. Book a Foosball. Join a game. Invite friends. Share your games and statistics


App programmed with TypeScript, Nodejs and other languages

Real time games/

No need to count the score, our app do it for you in real time

/Web App

A web version is available for you, to create, share and follow games

/Mobile App

Always in your pocket, the mobile version offers you the same services as the web.

/Easy to use

Be sure that you will not have a hard time using it.

If you are a Developer or Curious , we will be happy to share with you our project on Github. feel free to download it ✌


Take a look at these screenshots of our application if you are wondering what does it look like while using it.

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Will be available on

Meet our #Team



Ahmed Youssouf