Interval Analysis

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Planning of the course

TD0 : Intervals and interval arythmetics

Complete the Interval class (interval/

Implements the interval functions (interval/

Note that the files and will be used for all the other exercises and completed step by step. No need to implements all the functions at once.

TD1 : Function evaluation

Complete the file TD1/

Here is the expected result :

TD1 expected results


Complete the file TD2/

Here is the expected result :

TD2 expected results

TD3 : Contractors

Complete the file TD3/

Here is the expected result :

TD3 expected results

TD4 : Distance contractor

Complete the file TD4/

Here is the expected result :

TD4 expected results

TD5 : SIVIA + Contractors

Complete the file TD5/

Here is the expected result :

TD5 expected results

TD6 : Mobile robot localization

The introduction to that TD is in TD6_documents/localization.pdf

Complete the file TD6/