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Industrial Networks

Here are some ressources for the industrial networks course of Polytech Angers.


This directory contains the slides of the course presentations


This directory contains the pdfs of the TD (in French):

  • TD1 : network generalities
  • TD2 : PLC synchronisation
  • TD3 : PLC synchronisation
  • TD4 : CAN Bus
  • TD5 : PLC synchronisation and Profinet subject


This directory contains the ressources for the practival works


This directory contains ressources for the ModBus TCP/IP practical work. It contains the official documentation of the Modbus Application Protocol, of the Serial Line ModBus and the TCP/IP ModBus.


This directory contains the source code (to be completed) of the ModBus client (python3). To start the client: python The file has to be completed (the #TODO comments). It is possible to run unit tests to test the code: python3


This directory contains the source code of a ModBus TCP/IP server (python3 and Tkinter). To start the server : python3 Note that you can access to the memory of the server using the memory menu of the user interface.


This directory contains ressources for the Profinet practical work. Here are the files available:

  • LIST_GERM_ENG.pdf: The correspondances between English anf German LIST instructions
  • Tuto_TIA_PORTAL.pdf: The TIA Portal tutorial to configure the networks between the three PLCs
  • help_G7.pdf: Help to write G7 with TIA Portal
  • help_LIST.pdf: A document to help the writing of LIST programms (with the LIST German syntax)