Data processing tools to handle periodic series in dioid

Link for an overview about idempotent semiring theory and usefull links.

  Stéphane Gaubert proposed algorithms in order to compute the sum, the product and the star of the periodic series in dioid (e.g. in dioid Zmax of Gamma, see the book entitled SYNCHRONIZATION AND LINEARITY for the original construction). We propose algorithms computing the inf and the residuation of these same series.

The library is developed in C++ language.

Download C++ sources and examples:
You can start from a cpp file from the example folder.

  Samples :

Additional samples may be found here : see publications R12, R14, I14, among others. .

Additional tools :

An interface with software Romeo (Petri net software Tool) can be downloaded here : RomeoToMinmaxgd .

Technical Note : Algorithms implemented in minmaxgd and some complexity comments MinMaxgd, A Toolbox to Handle Periodic Series in Semiring Minmax[[gamma,delta]] ..

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  Authors : This work is due to : B. Gruet, B. Cottenceau , M. Lhommeau and L. Hardouin.  
  Last modification : 2021, June 8th