Miscellaneous developments, involving sensors, embedded computing, telecommunication, high level programming, health, games, .... Some of them involve students' projects, research or other (e.g. Scientific mediation, ...)...

Homemade control device for video game - Scientific mediation for kids (2018)

  • Student project (L2)
  • Scientific mediation (6-12 years kids) at the connected kids' event. In collaboration with the city hall of Angers and "Terre des Sciences"
  • Technologies: Sensor (infrared), Arduino, Event based programming, Serial Com, Multithreading
  • Additional: Mindstorm, Occulus Go
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IoT-based homemade box for healthcare (2017)

  • Student project (M1 and M2) - Communication in an international conference
  • Technologies: Sensor (medical), Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Telecommunication (MQTT), Webserver, Database, Python, NodeJS, MongoDB.
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Remote-controlled car using a leap motion (2015)

  • Student project (M1 and M2)
  • Technologies: telecommunication, raspberry GPIO, leapmotion, video streaming, motor control
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Basic software for medical image visualization

Video of a basic application developped in Python for medical DICOM image visualization
  • Technologies: numpy, pydicom (DICOM), vtk (3D rendering - python bindings)
  • Communication in a national conference (GRETSI - "Python en signal-Image")
  • Student project (M2)
  • Teaching in Setubal (Portugal) : workshop about Python for 3D medical image processing and visualization

Basic software for teaching augmented reality

  • Technologies: Python, numpy, pyopengl, pygame, opencv (python bindings)
  • Teaching: projective geometry, tracking and registration
  • Communication in a national conference (GRETSI - "Python en signal-Image")