Université d'Angers
Polytech Angers
Laurent Hardouin,
Full Professor University of Angers

62, avenue Notre Dame du Lac - 49000 Angers
Tél : 02 44 68 75 64 - Fax : 02 44 68 71
email : laurent.hardouin@univ-angers.fr
Automatic Control and Computer Sciences
Automatique et Génie Informatique
Master Systemes Dynamiques et Signaux(SDS)
Recherche (LARIS)


Software Tools

Library lminmaxgd for Scilab

my CV French and my CV English

Recherche (Research)

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  Key words
  Discrete Event systems, Timed Events Graphs
  Dioid, max-plus Algebra Link for an overview
  Active Acoustic Control
  List of Publications
  Discrete Event Systems, max-plus algebra and Acoustic Control
  Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches

  Thesis of my students (master and PhD)

PhD Reports and Dissertations of my students

  Software tools 
  MinmaxGD : a Library to handle periodic series in dioid of formal series. There are a C++ version and an interface with Scicoslab

  Platforms For Experiments and Applications 
  Experimental Equipments are available (Automated Systems, PLC, SCADA), they are used to validate theoretical results. See for example the PhD of V. Mariano PHD For a presentation of these platforms see : Automated Systems

Responsabilités pédagogiques  (Responsability)
  Head of the master Systèmes Dynamiques et Signaux in University of Angers
  Head of the team Dynamic Systems and Optimization of the LARIS
  Vice Dean of Polytech Engineering School of the University of Angers.

Enseignement (Teaching)
 Engineering school Polytech Angers  
 Master Systèmes Dynamiques et Signaux